A Novel EEG Ultrasound Device 
for Functional Brain Imaging 
and Neurostimulation

European Innovation Council Pathfinder Project AEGEUS

Welcome to the AEGEUS Project

AEGEUS - A Novel EEG Ultrasound Device for Functional Brain Imaging and Neurostimulation - is an EU funded project involving 8 partners from 4 countries all over Europe. The final goal of AEGEUS is to develop a highly innovative new brain analysis and therapy setup based on the combination of electroencephalography (EEG), a newly developed functional ultrasound (US) imaging method and ultrasound-based neuro-stimulation.

EEG is an established neurological method to analyze the electrical activity of the brain. It enables the acquisition of data with high temporal resolution especially of structures close to the skull. This will be supplemented by an US component, which should also detect functional information from deep brain regions.

In addition, ultrasound, especially in a focused manner, has also the potential to stimulate and to suppress neural activity. This should enable a localized, non-invasive therapy of the brain to be carried out and controlled with the same device.

As part of the AEGEUS project, the newly developed device will first be clinically tested on healthy volunteers before being tested on epilepsy patients.

We are convinced that the device developed in AEGEUS will open up new avenues for diagnosis, treatment and research of neurological diseases. 

Here you will find a more detailed Abstract of the Project.


This project has received funding from the European Union, Horizon Europe Programme, 
Grant Agreement No 101099210

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